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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Yet there was a tender parting in that home ; There were moistened eyes, and quivering lips, And lingering claspings of the parting hand, as Jethro And his daughters stood within the light of that Clear thorn, and gave .to Moses and his wife And sons their holy wishes and their sad farewells. For he had been a son and brother in that home Since first with manly courtesy he had filled The empty pails of Reuel's daughters, and found A shelter 'neath his tent when flying from The wrath of Pharaoh.

They journeyed on, Moses, Zipporah and sons, she looking back With tender love upon the home she had left, With all its precious memories crowding round Her heart, and he with eager eyes tracking His path across the desert, longing once more To see the long-lost faces of his distant home, The loving eves se wont to sun him with their Welcome, and the aged hands that laid upon His youthful head their parting blessing. They Journeyed on till morning's flush and noonday Splendor glided into the softened, mellowed Light of eye, awl the purple mists were deep'ning On the cliffs awl hills, when Horeb, dual Crowned, arose before him ; and there he met His brother Aaron, sent by God to be His spokesman and to bear him company To Pharaoh. Tender and joyous was their greeting.

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