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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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They talked of home and friends until the lighter Ripple of their thoughts in deeper channels flowed; And then they talked of Israel's bondage, And the great deliverance about to dawn Upon the fortunes of their race ; and Moses Told him. of the burning bush, and how the message Of his God was trembling on his lips. And thus They talked until the risen moon had veiled The mount in soft and silvery light; and then They rested until morn, and rising up, refreshed From sleep, pursued their way until they reached The land of Goshen, and gathered up the elders Of their race, and told them of the message Of their Father's God. Then eager lips caught up The words of hope and passed the joyful " news Around, and all the people bowed their heads And lifted up their hearts in thankfulness To God."

That same day Moses sought an audience with the king. He found Him on his throne surrounded by the princes Of his court, who bowed in lowly homage At his feet. And Pharaoh heard with curving lip And flushing cheek the message of the Hebrew's God, Then asked in cold and scornful tones, " Has Israel a God, and if so where has he dwelt For ages? As the highest priest of Egypt I have prayed to Isis, and the Nile has Overflowed her banks and filled the land


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