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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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With plenty, but these poor slaves have cried unto Their God, then crept in want and sorrow To their graves. Surely Mizraim's God is strong And Israel's is weak; then wherefore should I heed his voice, or at his bidding break A single yoke?" Thus reasoned that proud king, And turned a deafened ear unto. the words Of Moses and his brother, and yet he felt Strangely awed before their presence, because They stood as men who felt the grandeur Of their mission, and thought not of themselves, But of their message.


On the next day Pharaoh called a council Of his mighty men, and before them laid The message of the brethren : then Amorphel, Keeper of the palace and nearest lord Unto the king, arose, and bending low Before the throne, craved leave to speak a word. Amorphel was a crafty, treacherous man, With oily lips well versed in flattery And courtly speech, a supple reed ready To bend before his royal master's lightest Breath—Pharaoh's willing tool. He said "Gracious king, thou has been too lenient With these slaves ; light as their burdens are, they

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