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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Fret and chafe beneath them. They are idle And the blood runs riot in their veins. Now If thou would'st have these people dwell in peace, Increase, I pray thee, their tasks and add unto Their burdens ; if they faint beneath their added Tasks, they will have less time to plot sedition And revolt."

Then Rhadma, oldest lord in Pharaoh's court, Arose. He was an aged man, whose white And heavy beard hung low upon his breast, Yet there was a hard cold glitter in his eye, And on his face a proud and evil look. He had been a servant to the former king, And wore his signet ring upon his hand.. He said, "I know this Moses well. Fourscore Years ago Princess Charmian found him By the Nile and rescued him from death, and did Choose him as her son, and had him versed in all The mysteries and lore of Egypt. But blood Will tell, and this base slave, with servile blood Within his veins, would rather be a servant Than a prince, and so, with rude and reckless hand, He thrust aside the honors of our dear Departed king. Pharaoh was justly wroth, But for his daughter's sake he let the trespass Pass. But one day this Moses slew an Egyptian In his wrath, and then the king did seek his life ; But be fled, it is said, unto the deserts

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