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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Of Arabia, and became a shepherd for the priest Of Midian. But now, instead of leading flecks And herds, he aspires to lead his captive race. To freedom. These men mean mischief; sedition And revolt are in their plans. Decree, I pray thee, That these men shall gather their own straw And yet their tale of bricks shall he the same." And these words pleased Pharaoh well, and all his Lords chimed in with one accord. And Pharaoh Wrote the stern decree and sent it unto Goshen— That the laborers should gather their own straw, And yet they should not 'minish of their tale of bricks.

'Twas a sad day in Goshen ; The king's degree hung like a gloomy pall Around their homes. The people fainted 'neath Their added tasks, then cried unto the king, That he would ease their burdens; but he hissed A taunt into their ears and said, "ye are Idle, and your minds are filled with vain And foolish thoughts ; get you unto your tasks, And ye shall not 'minish of your tale of bricks." And then they turned their eves Reproachfully on Moses and his brother, And laid the cruel blame upon their shoulders. 'Tis an old story now, but then 'twas new Unto the brethren,—how God's anointed ones Must walk with bleeding feet the paths that turn To lines of living light; how hands that bring Salvation in their palms are pierced with cruel

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