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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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That coiled along his path. And thus did Moses Show that Israel's God had greater power Than those dark sons of night. But not by this alone Did God his mighty power reveal : He changed Their waters; every fountain, well and pool Was red with blood, and lips, all parched with thirst, Shrank back in horror from the crimson draughts. And then the worshiped Nile grew full of life ; Millions of frogs swarmed from the stream—they clogged The pathway of the priests and filled the sacred Fanes, and crowded into Pharaoh's bed, and hopped Into his trays of bread, and slumbered in his Ovens and his pans.

Then came another plague, of loathsome vermin ; They were gray and creeping things, that made Their very clothes alive with dark and sombre Spots—things so loathsome in the land they did Suspend the service of the temple ; for no priest Dared to lift his hand to any god with one Of these upon him. And then the sky grew Dark, as if a cloud were passing o'er its Changeless blue; a buzzing sound broke o'er The city, and the land was swarmed with flies. The murrain laid their cattle low ; the hail Cut off the first fruits of the Nile ; the locusts, With their hungry jaws, destroyed the later crops,

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