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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Let me tell thee, gracious princess ; 'tips no Sudden freak nor impulse wild that moves my mind. I feel an earnest purpose binding all My soul unto a strong resolve, which bids Me put aside all other ends and aims, Until the hour shall come when God—the God Our fathers loved and worshipped—shall break our I chains, And lead our willing feet to freedom.


Listen to me, Moses : thou art young, And the warm blood of youth flushes thy veins Like generous wine ; thou weariest thy manhood Like a crown; but what king e'er cast His diadem in the dust, to be trampled Down by every careless foot? Thou hast Bright dreams and glowing hopes ; could'st thou not live Them out as well beneath the radiance Of our throne as in the shadow of those Bondage-darkened huts?


Within those darkened huts my mother plies her tasks, My father bends to unrequited toil; And bitter tears moisten the bread my brethren eat. And when I gaze upon their cruel wrongs

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