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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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And deep and heavy groans throughout the length And breadth of Egypt. 'Twas the last dread plague, But it had snapped in twain the chains on which The rust of ages lay, and Israel was freed ; Not only freed, but thrust in eager haste From out the land. Trembling men stood by, and longed To see them gather up their flocks and herds, And household goods, and leave the land ; because they felt That death stood at their doors as long as Israel Lingered there ; and they went forth in haste, To tread the paths of freedom.


But Pharaoh was strangely blind, and turning From his first-born and his dead, with Egypt's wail Scarce still upon his ear, he asked which way had Israel gone? They told him that they journeyed Towards the mighty sea, and were encamped Near Baalzephn. Then Pharaoh said, " the wilderness will hem them in, The mighty sea will roll its barriers in front, And with my chariots and my warlike men I'll bring them back, or mete them out their graves." Then Pharaoh's officers arose And gathered up the armies of the king, And made his chariots ready for pursuit.

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