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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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With proud escutcheons blazoned to the sun, in his chariot of ivory, pearl and gold, Pharaoh rolled out of Egypt; and with him Rode his mighty men, their banners floating On the breeze, their spears and armor glittering In the morning light; and Israel saw, With fainting hearts, their old oppressors on their Track : then women wept in hopeless terror ; Children hid their faces in their mothers' robe, And strong men bowed their heads in agony and dread ; And then a bitter, angry murmur rose,-- "Were there no graves in Egypt, that thou hast Brought us here to die?" Then Moses lifted up his face, aglow With earnest faith in God, and bade their fainting hearts Be strong and they should his salvation see. "Stand still," said Moses to the fearful throng Whose hearts were fainting in the wild, "Stand still." Ah, that was Moses' word, but higher and greater Came God's watchword for the hour, and not for that Alone, but all the coming hours of time. "Speak ye unto the people and bid them Forward go ; stretch thy hand across the waters And smite them with thy rod." And Moses smote The restless sea ; the waves stood up in heaps, Then lay as calm and still as lips that just Had tasted death. The secret-loving sea


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