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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Laid bare her coral caves and iris-tinted Floor ; that wall of flood which lined the people's Way was God's own wondrous masonry; The signal pillar sent to guide them through the wild Moved its dark shadow till it fronted Egypt's Camp, but hung in fiery splendor, a light To Israel's path. Madly rushed the hosts Of Pharaoh upon the people's track, when The solemn truth broke on them—that God For Israel fought. With cheeks in terror Benching, and eyes astart with fear, " let Us flee," they cried, " from Israel, for their God Doth fight against us; he is battling on their side." They had trusted in their chariots, but now That hope was vain ; God had loosened every Axle and unfastened every wheel, and each Face did gather blackness and each heart stood still With fear, as the livid lightnings glittered And the thunder roared and muttered on the air, And they saw the dreadful ruin that shuddered O'er their heads, for the waves began to tremble And the wall of flood to bend. Then arose A cry of terror, baffled hate and hopeless dread, A gurgling sound of horror, as " the waves Came madly dashing, wildly crashing, seeking Out their place again," and the flower and pride Of Egypt sank as lead within the sea Till the waves threw back their corpses cold and stark

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