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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Upon the shore, and the song of Israel's Triumph was the requiem of their foes. Oh the grandeur of that triumph ; up the cliff's And down the valleys, o'er the dark and restless Sea, rose the people's shout of triumph, going Up in praise to God, and the very air Seemed joyous, for the choral song of millions Throbbed upon its viewless wings. Then another song of triumph rose in accents Soft and clear; "'twas the voice of Moses' sister Rising in the tide of song. The warm blood Of her childhood seemed dancing in her veins ; The roses of her girlhood were flushing On her cheek, and her eyes flashed out the splendor Of long departed days, for time itself seemed Pausing, and she lived the past again ; again The Nile flowed by her; she was watching by the stream, A little ark of rushes where her baby brother lay; The tender tide of rapture swept o'er her soul again She had felt when Pharaoh's daughter had claimed Him as her own, and her mother wept for joy Above her rescued son. Then again she saw Him choosing "'twixt Israel's pain and sorrow And Egypt's pomp and pride." But now he stood Their leader triumphant on that shore, and loud She struck the cymbals as she led the Hebrew women In music, dance and song, as they shouted out Triumphs in sweet and glad refrains.

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