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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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A wail in the palace, a wail in the hut, The midnight is shivering with dread, And Egypt wakes up with a shriek and a sob To mourn for her first-born and dead.

In the morning glad voices greeted the light, As the Nile with its splendor was flushed; At midnight silence had melted their tones, - And their music forever is bushed.

In the morning the princes of palace and court To the heir of the kingdom bowed down; 'Tis midnight, pallid and stark in his shroud He dreams not of kingdom or crown.

As a monument blasted and blighted by God, Through the ages proud Pharaoh shall stand, All seamed with the vengeance and scarred with the wrath That leaped from God's terrible band.


They journeyed on from Zuphim's sea until They reached the sacred mount and heard the solemn Decalogue. The mount was robed in blackness, Heavy and deep the shadows lay ; the thunder Crashed and roared upon the air ; the lightning Leaped from crag to crag ; God's fearful splendor Flowed around, and Sinai quaked and shuddered To its base, and there did God proclaim Unto their listening ears, the great, the grand,

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