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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Upon the weary, aching limbs, e'en then It were a curse; but when it frets through nerve And flesh and eats into the weary soul, Oh then it is a thing for every human Heart to loathe, and this was Israel's fate , For when the chains were shaken from their limbs, They failed to strike the impress from their souls. While he who'd basked beneath the radiance Of a throne, ne'er turned regretful eyes upon The past, nor sighed to grasp again the pleasures Once resigned but the saddest trial was To see the light and joy fade from their faces When the faithless spies spread through their camp Their ill report ; and when the people wept In hopeless unbelief and turned their faces Egyptward, and asked a captain from their bands To lead them back where they might bind anew Their broken chains, when God arose and shut The gates of promise on their lives, and left Their bones to bleach beneath Arabia's desert sands. But though they slumbered in the wild, they died With broader freedom on their lips, and for their Little ones did God reserve the heritage So rudely thrust aside.

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