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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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His work was done; his blessing lay Like precious ointment on his people's head, And God's great peace was resting on his soul. His life had been a lengthened sacrifice, A thing of deep devotion to his race, Since first he turned his eyes on Egypt's gild And glow, and clasped their fortunes in his hand And held them with a firm and constant grasp. But now his work was done; his charge was laid In Joshua's hand, and men of younger blood Were destined to possess the land and pass Through Jordan to the other side. He too Had hoped to enter there—to tread the soil Made sacred by the memories of his Kindred dead, and rest till life's calm close beneath The sheltering vines and stately palms of that Fair land ; that hope had colored all his life's Young dreams and sent its mellowed flushes o'er His later years ; but God's decree was otherwise. And so he bowed his meekened soul in calm Submission to the word, which bade him climb . To Nebo's highest peak, and view the pleasant land From Jordan's swells unto the calmer ripples Of the tideless sea, then die with all its Loveliness in sight. As he passed from Moab's grassy vale to climb

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