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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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The rugged mount, the people stood in mournful groups, Some, with quivering lips and tearful eyes, Reaching out unconscious hands, as if to stay His steps and keep him ever at their side, while Others gazed with reverent awe upon The calm and solemn beauty on his aged brow, The look of loving trust and lofty faith. Still beaming from an eye that neither care Nor time had dimmed. As he passed upward, tender Blessings, earnest prayers and sad farewells rose On each wave of air, then died in one sweet Murmur of regretful love; and Moses stood Alone on Nebo's mount. Alone ! not one Of all that mighty throng who had trod with him In triumph through the parted flood was there. Aaron had died in Hor, with son and brother By his side; and Miriam too was gone. But kindred hands had made her grave, and Kadesh Held her dust. But he was all alone; nor wife Nor child was there to clasp in death his hand, And bind around their bleeding hearts the precious Parting words. And yet he was not all alone, For God's great presence flowed around his path And stayed him in that solemn hour.

He stood upon the highest peak of Nebo, And saw the Jordan chafing through its gorges,

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