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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Its banks made bright by scarlet blooms And purple blossoms. The placid lakes And emerald meadows, the snowy crest. Of distant mountains, the ancient rocks That dripped with honey, the hills all bathed In light and beauty ; the shady groves And peaceful vistas, the vines opprest With purple riches, the fig trees fruit-crowned Green and golden, the pomegranates. with crimson Blushes, the olives with their darker clusters, Rose before him like a vision, full of beauty And delight. Gazed be on the lovely landscape Till it faded from his view, and the wing Of death's sweet angel hovered o'er the mountain's Crest, and he heard his garments rustle. through The watches of the night. Then another, fairer, vision Broke upon his longing gaze; 'twas the land Of crystal fountains, love and beauty, joy And light, for the pearly gates flew open, And his ransomed soul went in. And when mornin; O'er the mountain fringed each crag and peak with light, Cold and lifeless lay the leader. God had touched His eyes with slumber, giving his beloved sleep. Oh never on that mountain Was seen a lovelier sight Than the troupe of fair young angels That gathered 'round the dead,.

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