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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Refreshed, I sat me down to weave a crown of lotus leaves And lilies fair, and while I sat in a sweet Revery, dreaming of life and hope, I saw A little wicker-basket hidden among The flags and lilies of the Nile, and I called My maidens and said, " Nillias and Osiria Bring me that little ark which floats beside The stream." They ran and brought me a precious burden. 'Twas an ark woven with rushes and daubed With slime, and in it l;tv a sleeping child His little hand amid his clustering curls, And a bright flush upon his glowing cheek. He wakened with a smile, and reached out his hand To meet the welcome of the mother's kiss, When strange faces met his gaze, and he drew back With a grieved, wondering look, while disappoint ment Shook the quivering lip that missed the mother's Wonted kiss, and the babe lifted his voice and wept. Then my heart yearned towards him, and I resolved That I would brave my father's wrath and save The child ; but while I stood gazing upon His wondrous beauty, I saw beside Pie A Hebrew girl, her eves bent on me With an eager, questioning Iook, and drawing Near, she timidly said, "shall I call a nurse?' I bade her go she soon returned, and with her

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