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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Came a woman of the Hebrew race, whose Sad, sweet, serious eyes seemed overflowing 'With a strange and sudden joy. I placed the babe Within her arms and said, Nurse this child for me;" And the babe nestled there like one at home, While o'er the dimples of his face rippled The brightest, sweetest smiles, and I was well Content to leave him in her care ; and well did she perform her Dart. When many days had Passed she brought the child unto the palace : And one morning, while I sat toying with His curls and listening to the prattle of his Untrained lips, my father, proud and stately. Saw me bending o'er the child and said, " Charmian, whose child is this? who of my lords Calls himself father to this goodly child ? He surely must be a happy man." Then I said, " Father, he is mine. He is a Hebrew child that I have saved from death." He Suddenly recoiled, as if an adder Had stung him, and said, "Charmian, take that Child hence. How darest thou bring a member Of that mean and servile race within my doors? Nay, rather let me send for Nechos, whose Ready sword shall rid me of his hateful presence." Then kneeling at his feet, and catching Hold of his royal robes, I said, " Not so, Oh ! honored father, he is mine; I snatched

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