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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Him from the hungry jaws of death, and foiled The greedy crocodile of his prey ; he has Eaten bread within thy palace walls, and thy Salt lies upon his fresh young lips ; he has A claim upon thy mercy." "Charmian," he said, I have decreed that every man child of that Hated race shall die. The oracles have said The pyramids shall wane before their shadow, And from them a star shall rise whose light shall Spread over earth a baleful glow ; and this is why I root them from the land ; their strength is weakness To my throne. I shut them from the light lest they Bring darkness to my kingdom. Now, Charmian, Give me up the child, and let him die." Then clasping the child closer to my heart, I said, " the pathway to his life is through my own ; Around that life I throw my heart, a wall Of living, loving clay." Dark as the thunder Clouds of distant lands became my father's brow, And his eyes flashed with the fierce lightnings Of his wrath ; but while I plead, with eager Eyes upturned, I saw a sudden change come Over him ; his eyes beamed with unwonted Tenderness, and he said, " Charmian, arise, Thy prayer is granted ; just then thy dead mother Came to thine eyes, and the light of Asenath Broke over thy face. Asenath was the light Of my home ; the star that faded out too

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