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Constitution of the Indian Mind

American History, Volume I: Aboriginal America (New York: Sheldon, 1860)

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independent empires. The Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and, following them, the great European nations of modern times, have entirely outstript in arts, in science, and in civilization all the other races of the globe; although many of these other races have possessed, each in its own region of the earth, equal facilities for advancement, and have held them for the same length of time.


We must suppose, then, that there is a great and permanent difference in the physical and intellectual constitution of the different races— permanent at least in. this respect, that it cannot be changed by any human means in the course of any moderate number of generations. Whether these differences have been produced by external causes, such as climate and modes of life, or by some hidden innate causes more or less connected with ther way to us wholly inscrutable, is at present entirely unknown. We must, at any rate; accept the difference actually existing as a fact, and conform our reasonings and our action to it-always acknowledging, however, that the inferiority of any race to ours, if we claim that such inferiority

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