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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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"farrago of absurd fiction and superstitions," as the Brahminical literature is generally termed, will endeavour to learn the symbolical universal language with its numerical and geometrical keys. But here again they will hardly be successful if they share the belief that the Jewish

Kabalistik system contains the key to the whole mystery: for, it does not. Nor does any other Scripture at present possess it in its entirety, for even the Vedas are not complete. Every old religion is but a chapter or two of the entire volume o1 archaic primeval mysteries Eastern Occultism alone being able to boast that it Is in possession of the lull watt, with its seven key. Comparisons will be Instituted, and as much as possible will he explained in this work-- the rest is kit to the student's penal.) Intuition. For in saying that Eastern Occultism has the secret, it is not as if a "complete" or even an approximate knowledge was claimed by the writer. which would be absurd What I know, I give out; that which I cannot explain, the student must find out for himself.

But while supposing that the whole cycle of the universal mystery language will not be mastered for whole centuries to come, even that which has been hitherto discovered in the Bible by some scholars is quite suffic lent to demonstrate the claim mathematically. Judaism having availed itself of two keys out of the swan, and these two keys having bean now rediscovered, it become. no longer: a matter o1 individual speculation and hypothesis, least of all of "coincidence but one of a correct reading of the Bible texts, as anyone acquainted with arithmetic reads and verifies an addition or total.* A few years longer and this system will kill the dead letter of the Bible, as it will that of all the other exoteric faiths, by showing the dogmas in their real, naked meaning.

And then this undeniable meaning, however incomplete, will unveil the mystery of Being, besides changing entirely the modern scientific systems of Anthropology, Ethnology and especially that of Chronology. The element of Phallicism, food in every God-name and narrative in the Old (and to some degree in the New) Testament, may also in time considerably change modern materialistic views in Biology and Physiology

Divested of their modern repulsive crudeness. such views of nature and man, on the authority of the celestial bodles and their mysteries,

prepared him for the final stage of the SACRED MYSTERIES." Had Mr. Staniland Wake been a Theosophist, he might have added that hte narrow upwatd passage leading to the King's chamber had a "narrow gate" indeed; the same "strait gate" which "leadeth unto life" or the new spiritual re-birth alluded ot by Jesus in Matthew vii 13 and that it is this gate in the Initiation temple, that the writers who recorded the words alleged to have been spoken by an Initiate, was thinking of.

*All we have said in Isis is now found corroberated in the Egyptian Mystery: or The Source of Meagorra." by those readings of the Bible with the numerical and geometrical keys thereto

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