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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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and that he applied the allegory told of Sargon to the Jewish lawgiver,

In short, that Exodus was never written by Moses, but re-fabricated from old materials by Ezra.

And if so, then why should not other symbols and glyphs far more crude in their phallic element have been added by this adept io the later Chaldean and Sabran phallic worship? We are taught that the primeval faith of the Israelites was quite different from that which was developed centuries later by the Talmudism, and before them by David and Hezekiah.

All this, notwithstanding the exoteric element, as now found in the two Testaments, is quite sufficient to clam the Bible among esoteric works, and to connect its secret system with Indian, Chaldean, and Egyptian symbolism. The whole cycle of biblical glyphs and numbers as suggested by astronomical observations ˇastronomy and theology being closely connected ˇ is found in Indian exoteric, as well as esoteric, systems. These figures and their symbols, the signs of the Zodiac, the planets, their aspects and nodes ˇ the last term having now passed even into our modern botany to distinguish male and female plants (the unisexual, polygamous, monoecious dioecious., etc., etc) ˇare known in astronomy as sextiles, quartiles and so on, and have been used for ages and aeons by the archaic nations, and in one sense have the same meaning as the Hebrew numerals. The earliest forms of elementary geometry mint have certainly been suggested by the observation of the heavenly bodies and their groupings. Hence the most archaic symbols in Eastern Esotericism are a circle, a point, a triangle, a plane, a cube, a pentacle, and a hexagon, and plane figures with various sides and angles. This shows the knowledge and use of geometrical symbology to be as old as the world.

Starting from this, it becomes easy to understand how nature herself could have taught primeval mankind, even without the help of its divine instructors, the first principles of a numerical and geometrical symbol language.´ Hence one finds numbers and figures used as an

"The story,' says Mr. G. Smith "Is supposed to have happened about 1500 BC, rather earlier than the supposed age of Moses. As we know that the fame of Sargon reached Egypt, it is quite likely that this account had a connection with the event related in Exodus ii for every action when once performed has a tendency to be repeated" But now, when Professor Sauce has had the courage to push back the dates of the Chaldean and Assyrian Kiwi by two thousand years more, Sargon must have preceded Moses by 2,000 years at the least. (See Professor Sayce's Lectures on the subject.) The confession is suggestive, but the figures lack a cypher or two.

´ As a reminder how the Esoteric religion of Moses was crushed several times, and the worship of Jehovah, as re-established by David, put in is place, by Herekiah for one. read pp. 436-47, vol. 11, in Isis Unveiled. Surely there must have been some

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