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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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expression and a record of thought in every archaic symbolical Scripture. They are ever the same, with only certain variations growing out of the first figures. Thus the evolution and correlation of the mysteries of Kosmos, of its growth and development ˇ spiritual and physical, abstract and concreteˇwere first recorded in geometrical changes of shape. Every Cosmogony began with a circle, a point, a triangle, and a cube, up to number 9, when it was synthesized by the first line and a circle ˇ the Pythagorean mystic Decade, the sum of all, involving and expressing the mysteries of the entire Kosmos: recorded a hundred times more fully in the Hindu system, for him who can understand its mystic language. The numbers 3 and 4, in their blending of 7, as those of S, 6, 9, and 10, are the very cornerstone of Occult Cosmogonies. This decade and its thousand combinations are found in every portion of the globe. One recognizes them in the caves and rock-cut temples of Hindostan and Central Asia, as in the pyramids and lithoi of Egypt and America: in the Catacombs of Ozimandyas, in the mounds of the Caucasian snow-capped vastnesses, in the ruins of Palnque, in Easter Island, everywhere whither the foot of ancient man has ever journeyed. The 3 and the 4, the triangle and the cube, or the male and female universal glyph, showing the first aspect of the evolving deity, is stamped for ever in the Southern Cross in the Heavens, as in the Egyptian Crux-Ansata. As well expressed, "The Cube unfolded is in display a cross of the tou, or Egyptian form, or of the Christian cross form.... A circle attached to the first, gives the ansated cross... numbers 3 and 4 counted on the cross, showing a form of the (Hebrew) golden candlestick (in the Holy of Holies), and of the 3 + 4 = 7, and 6 + 1 = 7, days in the crick of Ike week. as 7 lights of the sun. So also as the week of 7 lights gave origin to the month and year, so it Is the time marker of birth. . The cross form being shown, then, by the connected use of the form 113: 355, the symbol Is completed by the attachment of a an to the cross.´ This kind of measure was made to coordinate with the ides of the origin of human life, and hence the phallic form."

The Stanzas show the cross and these numbers playing a prominent part In archaic cosmogony. Meanwhile we may profit by the evidence collected by the same author to show the identity of symbols and their esoteric meaning all over the globe, which he calls rightly the "primordial vestiges of these symbols."

very good reasons why the Sadducees, who furnished almost all the high Prints of Judea. held to the Laws of Moses and spurned the alleged 'Books of Moses:' the Pentateuch of the Synagogue and the Talmud.

´ Once more remember the Hindu Wittoba crucified in space: the significance of the 'sacred sign," the Swastica; Plato's Deccicated man in Space. etc., etc.

"Source of Measures."

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