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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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"Under the general view taken of the nature of the number forms... it becomes a matter of research of the utmost interest as to when and where their existence and their use bat became known. Has it been a matter of revelation in what we know as the historic ageķa cycle exceedingly modem when the age of the human race is contemplated? It seems, in fact, as to the date of its possession by man, to have been farther removed in the past from the old Egyptian than are the old Egyptians from us.

"The Easter Isles an 'mid Pacific' present the feature of the remaining peaks of the mountains of a submerged contintent, for the reason that these peaks are thickly studded with Cyclopean statues, remnants of the civilization of a dense and cultivated people, who must have of necessity occupied a widely extended area. On the back of these images is to be found the 'ansated cross' and the same modified to the outline of the human form. A full description. with plate showing the land, with the thickly planted statues, also with copies of the image, is to he found in the January number 1870 of the London Builder.

"In the 'Naturalist,' published at Salem, Massachusetts, in one of the early numbers, is to be found a description of some very ancient and curious carving on the crest walls of the mountains of South America, older by far, it is averred, than the races now living. The strangeness of these tracings is in that they exhibit the outlines of a man stretched out on a cross.* by a series of delirium, by which from the form of a man that of a cross springs, but so dome that the cross may be taken as the man, or the man as the cross: thus exhibiting a symbolic display of the interdependency of the forms set forth.

"It is known that tradition among the Aztecs has handed down a very perfect account of the deluge... Baron Humboldt says that we are to look for the country of Axtalan, the original country of the Aztecs, as high up at least as the 42nd parallel north: whence, journeying, they at last arrived in the vale of Mexico In that vale the earthen mounds of the far north become the elegant stone pyramidal and other structures whose remains are now found. The correspondences between the Aztec remains and those of the Egyptians are well known. Atwater from examination of hundreds of them, is convinced that they had a knowledge of astronomy. As to one of the most perfect of the pyramidal structures among the Aztecs. Humboldt gives a description to the following effect:

"The form of Ibis pyramid (el Papantla) which has seven stories, is more tapering than any other monument of this kind yet discovered, but its height Is not remarkable. being but 57 feet. its base but 2S feet on each side. However, it is remarkable on one account: it is built entirely of hewn stones, of an extraordinary size, and very beautifully shaped. Three staircases lead to the top, the steps of which are decorated with hieroglyphical structures and small niches arranged with great symmetry. The number of these niches seems to allude to the 318 simple and compound signs of the days of their civil calendar."

"318 is the Gnostic value of Christ," remarks the author, `and the famous number of the trained or circumcised servants of Abraham When it is consi-

īSee farther on the description given of the early Aryan initiation: of Visa- karma crucifying the Sun. 'Vikkhatana" shorn of his beams, --on a cruciform lath

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