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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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dered that 318 is an abstract value, and universal as expressive of a diameter value to a circumference of unity, its use in the composition of the civil calendar become manifest."

Identical glyphs, numbers and esoteric symbols are found in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Easter Island, India, Chaldea, and Central Asia. Crucified men, and symbols of the evolution of races from gods; and yet behold Science repudiating the idea of a human race other than one nude in our image; theology clinging to its 6,000 years of Creation; anthropology teaching our descent from the ape; and the Clergy tracing it from Adam 4,001 years B.C.!!

Shall one, for fear of incurring the penally of being called a superstitious fool, and even a liar, abstain from furnishing proofs as good as any only because that day, when all the SEVEN KEYS shall be delivered unto Science. or rather the men of learning and research in the symbological department, has not yet dawned? In the face of the crushing discoveries of Geology and Anthropology with regard to the antiquity of man, shall we in order to avoid the usual penalty that awaits every one who strays outside the beaten paths of either Theology or Materialism hold to the 6,000 years and "special creation," or accept in submissive admiration our genealogy and descent from the ape? Not so, as long as it is known that the secret records hold the said SEVEN keys to the mystery of the genesis of man. Faulty, materialistic, and biased as the scientific theories may be, they are a thousand times nearer the truth than the vagaries of theology. The latter are in their death agony for every one but the most uncompromising bigot and fanatic. Hence we have no choice but either to blindly accept the deductions of Science, or to cut adrift from it, and withstand it fearlessly to its face, stating what the Secret Doctrine teaches us, being fully prepared to bear the consequences.

But let us see whether Science in its materialistic speculations, and even theology in its death-rattle and supreme struggle to reconcile the 6,000 years since Adam with Sir Charles Lyell's "Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man," do not themselves give us unconsciously a helping hand. Ethnology, on the confession of some of its very learned votaries, finds it already impossible to account for the varieties in the human race, unless the hypothesis of the creation of several Adams be accepted. They speak of "a white Adam and a black Adam, a red

Some, of its defenders must have lost their reason, one would rather say. For what can one think when, In the face of the dead letter absurdities of the Bible. then art still supported, publicly and as fiercely as ever and one finds its theologians, maintaining that though 'the Scriptures carefully refrain (?) from making any direct contribution to scientific knowledge. they have never stumbled upon any statement which will not abide the light of ADVANCING SCIENCE"'!!! (Primeval Man" p 14)

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