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The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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Adam and a yellow Adam.* Were they Hindus enumerating the rebirths of Vamadeva from the Linga Purdna, they could say little more. For, enumerating the repeated births of Siva, the latter show him in one Kalpa of a white complexion, in another of a black colour, in still another of a red colour, after which the Kumira becomes "four youths of a yellow colour." This strange coincidence, as Mr. Proctor would say, speak only in favour of scientific intuition, as Siva-Kumhra represents only allegorically the human races during the genesis of man. But it led to another intuitional phenomenonˇin the theological ranks this time. The unknown author of "Primeval Man" in a desperate effort to screen the divine Revelation from the merciless and eloquent discoveries of geology and anthropology, remarking that "it would be unfortunate if the defenders of the Bible should be driver into the position of either surrendering the inspiration of Scrip- lure, or denying the conclusions of geologists"ˇ finds a compromise. Nay, he devotes a thick volume to proving this fact: "Adam was not the first man created upon this earth."... The exhumed relics of pre-Adamic man, "instead of shaking our confidence in Scripture, supply additional proof of its veracity" (p. 194), How so? In the simplest way imaginable; for the author argues that, henceforth "we" (the clergy) "are enabled to leave scientific men to pursue their studies without attempting to coerce them by the fear of heresy" . . (this

must be a relief indeed to Messrs. Huxley, Tyndall, and Sir C. Lyell)...

"The Bible narrative does not commence with creation, as is commonly supposed, but with the formation of Adam and Eve, millions of years after our planet had been created. Its previous history, so far as Scripture is concerned, is yet unwritten." There may have been not one, but twenty different races upon the earth before the time of Adam, just as there may be twenty different races of men on other worlds" (p. 55) Who, then, or what were those races, since the author still maintains that Adam is the first man of our race? It WAS THE SATANIC RACE AND RACES! "Satan (was) never in heaven, Angels and men (being) one species." It was the pre-Adamic race of "Angels that sinned." Satan was "the first Prince of this world," we read. Having died in consequence of his rebellion, he remained on earth as a disembodied Spin:, and tempted Adam and Eve. "The earlier ages of the Satanic race, and more especially during the life-time of Satan (!!!) may have been a period

´ "Primeval Man Unveiled, or the Anthropology of the Bible; author (unknown) of the "Stars and the Angels" 1870, p.195.

t Especially in the face of the evidence furnished by the authorized Bible itself in ch. Iv of Genesis v. 16 and 17, which shows Cain going to the land of Nod and there marrying a wife

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