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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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developed and transformed most of its dogmas; how many times, then, might not the Egyptian clergy have altered its dogmas during those fifty centuries that separate Theodosius from the King Builders of the Pyramids?"

Here we believe the eminent Egyptologist is going too far. The exoteric dogmas may often have been altered, the esoteric never. He does not take into account the sacred immutability of the primitive truths, revealed only during the mysteries of initiation. The Egyptian prints have forgotten much, they altered nothing. The loss of a good deal of the primitive teaching was due to the sudden deaths of the great Hierophants, who passed away before they had time to reveal all to their successors; mostly, to the absence of worthy heirs to the knowledge. Yet they have preserved in their rituals and dogmas the principal teachings of the secret doctrine. Thus, in the seventeenth chapter mentioned by Maspero, one finds (I) Osiris saying he is Toum (the creative force in nature, giving form to all Beings, spirits and men), self-generated and self-existent, issued from Noun, the celestial river, called Father-mother of the gods, the primordial deity, which is chaos or the Deep, impregnated by the unseen spirit. (2) He has found Shoo (solar force) on the staircase in the City of the Eight (the two cubes, of good and Evil), and he has annihilated the evil principles in Noun (chaos) the children of Rebellion. (3) He is the Fire and Water, i.e., Noun the primordial parent, and he created the gods out of his limbsˇ 14 gods (twice seven) seven dark and seven light gods (the seven Spirits of the Presence of the Christians and the Seven dark Evil Spirits). (4) He is the Law of existence and Bring (v. 10), the Bennoo (or phoenix, the bird of resurrection in Eternity), in whom night follows the day, and day the night ˇan allusion to the periodical cycles of cosmic resurrection and human re-incarnation; for what can this mean? "The wayfarer who crosses millions of years, in the name of One, and the great green (primordial water or Chaos) the name of the other" (v. 17), one begetting millions of years in succession, the other engulfing them, to restore them back (S) He speaks of the Seven Luminous ones who follow their Lord, who confers justice (Osiris in Amenti).

All this is now shown to have been the source and origin of Christian dogmas. That which the Jews had from Egypt, through Moses and other initiates, was confused and distorted enough in later days; and that which the Church got from both, is still more misinterpreted.

Yet their system is now proven identical in this special department of symbology ˇ the key, namely, to the mysteries of astronomy as connected with those of generation and conception ˇ with those ideas of ancient religions, the theology of which has developed the phallic element. The Jewish system of sacred measures applied to religious symbols is the same,

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