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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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so far as geometrical and numerical combinations go, as those of Chaldea, Greece, and Egypt, having been adopted by the Jews during the centuries of their slavery and captivity with those nations.' What was that system? It is the intimate conviction of the author of "The Source of Measures" that the Mosaic Books were intended, by a mode of art speech, to set forth a geometrical and numerical system of erect science, which should serve as an origin of measures" Piazzi Smyth believes likewise. This system and these measures are found by some scholars to be identical with those used in the construction of the great pyramid óbut this is only partially so. "The foundation of these measures was the Parker ratio," says Mr. R. Skinner, in "The Source of Measures."

The author of this very extraordinary work has found it out, he says. In the use of the integral ratio in numbers of diameter to circumference of a circle, discovered by John Parker, of New York. This ratio is 6,561 for diameter, and 20,612 for circumference. Furthermore, that this geometrical ratio was the very ancient (and probably) the divine origin of what have now become through exoteric handling and practical application the British linear measures, "the underlying unit of which, viz., the lock, was likewise the base of one of the royal Egyptian cubits and of the Roman foot. He also found out that thew was a modified form of the ratio, viz., 113-353 (explained in his work); and that while this last ratio pointed through its origin to the exact integral pi, or to 6.561 to 20,612. it also served as a base for astronomical calculations. The author discovered that a system of exact science, geometrical, numerical, and astronomical, founded on these ratios and to be found in use in the construction of the Great Egyptian Pyramid, was in part the burden of this language as contained in, and concealed under, the verbiage of the Hebrew text of the Bible. The inch and the two-foot rule of 24 Inches Interpreted for use through the elements of the circle (see first pages of Book I.) and the ratios mentioned, were found to be at the basis or foundation of this natural and Egyptian and Hebrew system of science, while, moreover, it seems evident enough that the system itself was looked upon as of divine origin and of divine revela-

As we said in Isis ((Vol. 11. p. 43S-9), 'To the present moment, in spite of as controversies and researchers, History and Science remain as much as ever in the dark as to the origin of the Jews. They may be as well the exiled Tchandalas of old India. the 'bricklayers' mentioned by Veda-Vyasa. Veda-Vyaasa and Mumu, as the Phonicians of Heordotus, or the Hyk-Sos of Josephus, or descendants of Pali shepherds, or a mixture of these. The Bible names the Tyrians as a kindred people, and claims dominion ofver them...yet whatever they may have been, they became a hybrid people, not long after Moses, as the Bible shows them freely intermarrying not alone with Canannites, but with every other nation or race they came in contact with.'

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