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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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tion....' But let us we what is said by the opponents of Prof. Piazzi Smyth's measurements of the Pyramid.

Mr. Petrie seems to deny them, and to have made short work altogether of Piaui Smyth's calculations in their Biblical connection. So does Mr. Proctor, the champion "Coincidentalists" for many years past in every question of ancient ads and sciences. Speaking of "the multitude of relations independent of the Pyramid, which have turned up while the Pyramidalists have been endeavouring to connect the pyramid with the solar system ...these coincidences," he says,' are altogether more curious than any coincidence between the Pyramid and astronomical numbers: the former are as close and remarkable as they are real" (i.e., those "coincidences" that would remain if even the pyramid had no existence): 'the latter which are only imaginary (?) have only been established by the process which schoolboys call 'fudging,' and now new measures have left the week to be done all over again" (Panes letter to the Academy, Dec, 17. 1881.) To this Mr. Staniland Wake justly observes in his work on "The Origin and Significance of the Great Pyramid" (London, 1882: 'They must, however, have been more than mere coincidences, if the builders of the Pyramid had the astronomical knowledge displayed in its perfect orientation and in its other admitted astronomical features."

They had it, and it is on this "knowledge" that the programme of the MYSTERIES and of the series of initiations was based, thence, the construction of the Pyramids, the everlasting record and the indestructible symbol of these Mysteries and Initiations on Earth, a the courses of the stars are in Heaven The cycle of Initiation was a reproduction in miniature of that great series of Cosmic changes to which astronomers bare given the name of tropical or sidereal year. Just as, at the close of the cycle of the sidereal year [25,868 years], the heavenly bodies return to the same relative positions as they occupied at its outlet, so at the close of the cycle of initiation the inner man has regained the pristine sate of divine purity and knowledge from which he set out on his cycle of terrestrial incarnation.

Moses, an Initiate into the Egyptian Mystagogy, based the religious mysteries of the new nation which he created, upon the same abstract formula derived from this sidereal cycle, which he symbolised under the form and measurements of the tabernacle, that he is supposed to have constructed in the wilderness. On these data, the later Jewish High Priests constructed the allegory of Solomon's Temple -- a building which never had a real existence, any more than had King Solomon himself, who is simply, and as much a solar myth as is the still later Hiram Abif, of the Masons, as Batton has well demonstrated Thus, if the measurements of this allegorical temple, the symbol of the cycle of

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