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The Mystery Language and Its Keys

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (New York: Theosophist University Press, 1888), Volume 1, Book 2

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'The circle and the equilateral triangle are opposite to one another in all the elements of their construction, and hence the fractional diameter of one circle. which is equal to the diameter of one square, is in the opposite duplicate ratio to the diameter of an equilateral triangle whose area is one." etc, etc.

Granting, for the sake of argument, that a triangle can be said to have a radius in the sense in which we speak of the radius of a circle,ˇfor what Parker calls the radius of the triangle is the radius of a circle inscribed in the triangle and therefore not the radius of the triangle at all, ˇand granting for the moment the other fanciful and mathematical propositions united in his premises, why must we conclude that if the triangle and circle are opposite in all the elements of their construction, the diameter of any defined circle I. in the opposite duplicate ratio of the diameter of any given equivalent triangle? What necessary connection is there between the premises and the conclusion? The reasoning is of a kind not known in geometry, and would not be accepted by strict mathematicians.

Whether the Archaic esoteric system originated the British inch or not is of little consequence, however, to the strict and true meta-physician. Nor does Mr. Ralston Skinner's esoteric reading of the Bible become incorrect, merely because the measurements of the Pyramid sill not he found to agree with those of Solomon's temple, the ark of Noah, etc.; or because Mr. Parker's Quadralute of the Circle is rejected by mathematicians. For Mr. Skinner's reading depends first of all on the Kabalistic methods and the Rabbinical value of the Hebrew letters. But it is extremely important to ascertain whether the measures used in the evolution and building of the Aryan symbolic religion, in the construction of their temples, the figures given in the Puranas, and especially in their chronology, their astronomical symbols. the duration of the cycles, and other computations, were, or were not, the same as those used in the Biblical measurements and glyphs. For this will prove that the Jews, unless they took their sacred cubit and measurements from the Egyptians (Moses being an initiate of the Priests) must have got those notions from India. At any rate they passed them to the early Christians. Hence, it is the Occultists and Kabalists who are the "true" heirs to the KNOWLEDGE, or the secret wisdom which Is still found in the Bible: for they alone now understand its real meaning, whereas profane Jews and Christians cling to the husks and dead letter thereof. That it is the system of measures which led to the invention of the God-names Elahim and Jehovah, and their adaptation to phallicism, and that Jehovah is a not very flattered copy of Osiris. is now demonstrated by the author of the "Source of Measures" But the latter and Mr Piazzi Smyth both seem to labour under the impression That (a) the priority of the system belongs to the Israelites,

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