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Incidents of Travel in the Yucatan

New York: Harper and Brothers, 1848

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bottom covered with mud several feet deep. The Indians were in the habit of digging pits in it for the purpose of collecting the water which filtered through, and in some of these excavations they struck upon an ancient well, which, on clearing it away, was found to be of singular form and con- struction. It had a square platform at the top, and beneath was a round well, faced with smooth stones, from twenty to twenty-five feet deep. Below this was another square platform, and under the latter another well of Iess diameter, and about the same depth. The discovery of this well induced farther excavations, which, as the whole country was inter- ested in the matter, were prosecuted until upward of forty wells were discovered, differing in their char- acter and construction, and some idea of which may be formed from the engraving that follows. These were all cleared out, and the whole aguada repaired, since which it furnishes a supply during the greater

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