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On the Physical Characters of the Egyptians

Researches into the Physical History of Man (London: Arch, 1813), pp. 376-388

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descriptions given of the Egyptians by the ancients, as appears sufficiently by what has been said above. It is " chiefly distinguished by prominent maxillae, turgid lips, broad flat nose, and protruding eye-balls."

The second is considerably different from the first, and is found to be the character of many Egyptian monuments, which are distinguished " by along slender nose, long and thin eye-lids, which run upwards from the top of the nose towards the temples, ears placed high. on the head, a short and very thin bodily structure and very long shanks. As an ideal of this form I shall only adduce the painted female figure upon the back of the Sarcophagus of Captain Lethieullier's mummy, in the British Museum, by Vertu, and which most strikingly agrees with the unequivocal national form of the Hindoos, which especially in England is so often to be seen upon the Indian paintings."

The third sort of Egyptian figures, partakes something of both the former. " It is characterized by a peculiar turgid habit, flabby cheeks, a short chin, large prominent eyes, and rather a plump make in the person." This is the structure most frequently to be met with. (a)

(a) Blumenbach. Philosoph. Transact. 1794.

Blumenbach remarks a curious appearance in the incisores teeth, which has often been found in Egyptian Mummies. The crown of the tooth instead of forming a sharp edge is


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