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On the Physical Characters of the Egyptians

Researches into the Physical History of Man (London: Arch, 1813), pp. 376-388

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colony of Egyptians by this argument, that they were "black in complexion, and woolly headed"

" p.rAoiyxpoEc xai ovxc-rpixEs,,, (a) These are exactly

the words which are used in the description of undoubted Negroes.

The same Colchians are mentioned by Pindar in the fourth Pythias ode as being black, with

the epithet of XE),a{1S7rEs

ES dasaY G i'n -, ŁY ci ov vEx xElai---

vwnErTa KoT.xoiciv ~~xv

~ci av Ai2T7, 7raD auTr. V. 376.

On which passage the scholiast observes that the Colchians are black, and that " their dusky hue is attributed to their Egyptian origin, the Egyptians also being of that colour."

We have in one of the dialogues of Lucian a ludicrous description of a young Egyptian who was represented as belonging to the crew of a trading vessel at the Piraeus, which confirms the same fact. It is said of him that " besides being black he had thick lips, and was too slender in the legs, and that his hair, and the curls bushed up behind marked him to be of servile rank."(b)

(a) Herod. lib. a.

(b) Lucian. Navigat. seu Vota.

u tiros fit, trios ra" /uacimovs;ma, xai 7rcoxct?os ;a-Tv N., xxi

aa7rros ayxv 7oiv QxaAoly"—" rj xopc~ lea xxi is : ov7 ivw o T.aoxz!.cos

I'vvFO'h'ctFaj.r,:vos ovx a?.aveiprov Qio'v avrsov'ervxr,"

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