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On the Physical Characters of the Egyptians

Researches into the Physical History of Man (London: Arch, 1813), pp. 376-388

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cultural Arabs, but particularly the Copts, who are Christians of the Eutychian sect, and are therefore prevented by the strongest penalties from intermarriages with the Mahomedans. It is probable that during the period of the Roman and Byzantine dominion, a considerable number of Greek settlers were added to the primitive inhabitants. But the colonies of Europeans were chiefly confined to the Delta, and the Christian population of lower Egypt seems to have been destroyed or enslaved by the Arab conquerors. In the TheF)aid the old race remained without much addition, and it is there that the Copts are now principally found.

Volney, whose account is confirmed by other travellers, informs us that the Copts have still much of the Negro character. That they have a yellowish dusky complexion, neither resembling the Grecian nor Arabian. " They have a puffed visage, swoln eyes, flat noses, and thick lips, and bear much resemblance to the Mulatto." (a)

It will throw some light on our subject to observe the resemblance in physical characters and the connexion in history between the Egyptians and some of the other African nations, which are well known to have had the characters of the Negro.

There are manifest traces of an immemorial

(a) Volney's Travels in Egypt. See also Denon.

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