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On the Physical Characters of the Egyptians

Researches into the Physical History of Man (London: Arch, 1813), pp. 376-388

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in the Egyptian ritual, which afford an appearance of probability to this idea, or at least show that some of the fictions of the latter superstition bad a local connexion with Ethiopia, particularly the annual processions which were made along the banks of the Nile from Thebes to Ethiopia. (a) Even in the Greek Mythology frequent reference is made to this country. The scenes of the exploits of many of the principal persons in the Grecian heaven, are laid in Ethiopia or its vicinity, and Homer seems to refer to some of the African relations of his gods when he says,

Zs' c yap4' WW1 cIVOV 14rr' xp.uf.A.wxs AiM1o7r7us 77,, ~Ul~oy £bpp71 lf.fTa ~x l7x, 0EOi'rap,x ?T'LTES E7TOVTO. (U)

We have besides evidence of the connexion of these nations in the historical traditions and records of both of them. The Egyptians mention several of their heroes who visited Ethiopia and settled colonies there, as Osiris, &c. and the seat of government was in the early period of their monarchy in that part of Egypt which bordered on Ethiopia. A dynasty of Elephantine princes is among the earliest successions in the

(a) Herod. lib, 2. Diod.1.

(b) He probably refers to the annual festival celebrated in Ethiopia in honour of the gods, when they were supposed to descend from heaven and feast at the table of the sun. See Diod. lib, 3, and Eustathius ad Iliad 1. v. 424.

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