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Crania Americana; or, A Comparitive View of the Skulls of Various Aboriginal Nations of North and South America: To which is Prefixed An Essay on the Varieties of the Human Species

Philadelphia: J. Dobson, 1839

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ing, has led to the supposition that they were of Egyptian origin ; but the analogy between the two nations appears not. to have extended beyond this solitary rite.

The Berbers have generally been confounded with the Arabs, whom they chiefly resemble in their wandering and predatory habits. The Berber language is wholly different from the Arabic : neither do they claim to the Arabs, or the Arabs to them any national afiliation : and there is sufficient reason to believe, as already stated, that they are identical with the Libyte of. the. ancients, the people who inhabited the country before the first influx of the Arabians.

I am at a loss where to class the Gallas of eastern Africa, yet they bear a general physical resemblance to some tribes of Berbers. They are of small stature, with long black hair, and complexions varying from brown to black. They are among the most warlike and remorseless barbarians of Africa, and their principal tribe, the Boren-galla, now governs by conquest in Abyssinia, and even occupies Gondar, the Capital. They are supposed to spring from that unknown region which constitutes the southern interior of the continent.

In the immediate vicinity of Mount Atlas the distinctions of Race are often altogether confounded, owing to the proximity of the Negro tribes. Thus the Tibboos are nearly black, and have long wiry hair, intermediate between that of the Tuarick and the Negro; yet their features are, good and their forms delicately and even beautifully moulded. The immemorial predatory habits of these various tribes amply account for this blending of physical character; for the Tibboos mix with the Negroes, the Tuaricks enslave the Tibboos, and the Moors, in their turn, make enemies and slaves of them all.


The valley of the Nile, a narrow strip of land six hundred miles long and but ten broad—the Nilotica :ellus of the ancients, presents at the present time at least two cognate nations, which, though dwindled and degenerate, appear to constitute a family distinct from the rest of. mankind. These nations, if they now deserve that name, are the EGYPTIANS and NUBIANS.

The modern Egyptians are composed, of two classes, or castes, the Copts and Fellahs.

The Copts, though now remarkably distinct from the people who surround them, derive from their remote ancestors some mixture of Greek, Arabian and perhaps even Negro blood. They present various shades of complexion, from a pale yellow to a deep bronze or brown. "The eyes of the Copt are generally

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