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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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These are Ham's grand-sons ; and here is where we take leave of Canaan. We came from Noah through Ham, and from Ham through Cush, and from Cush through these six. For,

First. Nimrod settled at Babylon. "And the beginning of his kingdom was Erech, Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar." Gen. x. 10.

Second. Havilah settled south of Babylon. His was the land of spices. 1 Sam. xv. 7.

Third. Sabtah joined Havilah on the south and lay on the Persian gulf. Perrine's Bib. Geography.

Fourth. Raamah's land lay south of Sabtah on the Persian gulf. Per. Bib. Geog. These are the progenitors of the Asiatic Cushites, or Ethiopians. And their entire land "was bounded east by the eastern branch of the Euphrates and the Persian gulf, south by Arabia, or the Arabian sea, west by the Red Sea and Egypt, and north

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