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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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to throw chances against the rights of any class of human beings, I remark on the passage.

.1st. There is no evidence that Noah's curse was intended to extend to the posterity of Canaan.

Both the noun and the pronoun is used in the singular number with reference to him, and although in the twenty-fifth verse the noun of the plural number brethren, is used, yet in the next verses they are individualised by the use of both nouns and pronouns in the singular. It is admitted to be the usage of the Bible, sometimes, when a man's posterity are intended, to use his name as a noun in the singular; but then the connection will, generally, be found to explain the intention.

That this curse was intended to reach Canaan's posterity, is generally, inferred from the fact that the land which they inhabited was given to the Israelites. But this is not clear. The very fact of their possessing themselves of that land, may

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