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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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which his mind is constituted to give to the God of heaven.

3d. The most rigid practices and observances, under a system of false religion, cannot supply the place of piety to God', or the salutary influence of a right notion of him.

4th. When a man has virtually or in fact lost the knowledge of the only wise God, he is a heathen.
5. A. heathen with all the education and knowledge beneath the sun, is but a heath-en, and only a heathen still, until he comes cordially to this cardinal sentiment, one only living and true God. All this was true in the case before us.. Our ancestors had sublime systems of religion; but the basis of it was false.

II. Some facts from history will show that the ancients were degraded by the influence of their theology.

1. When mankind came forth from the confines of the deluge to spread over the

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