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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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administers this one law. Who then, is the idolater? Who is the blasphemer? Who is the Sabbath breaker? Who is the murderer? Does it matter in the sight of God and in His dispensation of rewards and punishments, whether he is of Africa, Asia, Europe or America? Does God slacken his hand upon the idolatrous colored man? Does the sword of justice fall more lightly upon him for his sin of idolatry than upon the European, or upon the American? Nay his law " is truth," Psalm cxix. 142, and " the Judge of all the earth does right." Gen. xviii. 25.

God cannot be accused of injustice in the providential administration of his law over all nations of people with an equally rigid hand. In this department of his holy work, God is continually working with men, among them, and over them. He works with men by making instruments of them, or so controling their conduct as to make them subserve his purposes. He brings one man from infancy and moulds

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