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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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is ill will that does it. Mere aversion does not abuse and insult a man in the public street, in the stage, in the rail car, in the steam boat, and in the church. It is ill will that does this. Mere aversion would be satisfied to let the victim pass unmolested, but ill will is always known by its perseverance in seeking the injury of its victim. Ill will leaves no place for its victim to be at peace. And so with this prejudice. Ill will is aggressive, and so is this prejudice. If any who are filled with this prejudice should deny this, it only proves that they do not know what is in their hearts.

The history of Cain shows that it is not so difficult a matter for a man to fill his heart with ill will to his fellow man, and thence to pursue him even to blood itself. If they had a better knowledge of the depravity of human nature, and were more humbly affected in view of that part of it which they have inherited, they would not trifle with their guilt by pretending that their hearts are only filled with aversion to so

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