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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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8th. The tendency of this prejudice is to blasphemy. If blasphemy consists in in-dignity offered to God, I am at a loss to the first inside the door, and consequently, the farthest off from the preacher. Hence for the sake of the seat itself it was good, even "one of the best." But for the design it was bad.

I went again on Friday evening last, Jan. Stk. A Mr. F. met me and seated me in the second seat from the door. All this passed on. The preacher took his text, Romans ii. 4. " The riches of his goodness." A part of the first clause of the verse. His object was to prove and illustrate the goodness of God.

He began by saying that "the goodness of God is too much overlooked by us all," &c. The preacher produced a number of considerations to prove his subject, as the fact that God created the human soul; has constituted man for exquisite enjoyment, and has made ample provision for his enjoyment; has given a law to guard his rights; He has interposed the strongest barriers to sin ; He has given His Son &c. I do not attempt to give the exact number of his proofs, nor his own order and wording. I admired Mr. Knapp more on account of his strong positions and stout eloquence, than for his arrangement of matter. I enjoyed the sermon much, and

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