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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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conceive who does this more emphatically than those who are actuated by this foul prejudice. Who is a blasphemer if not he

the reason I did not fully enjoy it, was on account of the scene which I shall now relate. When I took my seat there was but one other person in the slip, which left room for three other persons. There were, I believe, two persons in the slip behind me, which left room in the two slips for six persons. Presently there were some three or four persons who wanted seats. Instead of following the same plan that had been followed from the pulpit down to us, that is, of first filling up the seats in the slips, and then put a loose bench in the aisle, the loose bench was brought before these seats were full, and we were blocked up when there were six vacant seats in the two slips. This would not have cut so deep, but presently again in came two colored men, on the opposite side of the house. These were handed across the house and had to climb over the shoulders of those who sat on the loose bench, over the bench, over the top of slip doors ! Now some one will ask what of all that? The house was crowded. I sat on a loose seat in the aisle." I answer again, the whole thing is worth just nothing. But the design. If a man designs to murder me, he is a murderer

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