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A Text Book of the Origin and History of the Colored People

Hartford: L. Skinner, 1841

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who says that God is the author of American slavery? Who is a. blasphemer but he who wrests the holy word of the Holy God from its proper meaning, and makes it to sanction iniquity? Woe unto him who does not only rebel against God, but tries to make it appear, by false arguments, that God stands with him instead of against him in his sin.

9th. This prejudice hates the truth. And this is not all, but-it hates to be pushed though I may come off with my life. In view of this case I say:

1. There is no hope of getting right in the church so long as protracted meetings and revivals are man-aged strictly on the man-hating principle. Those who get religion under such management, will get prejudice as a part of their religion.

2. I have serious scruples whether I do not sin in fellowshiping ministers and churches who tolerate these measures in the solemn season of a revival.

3. I do not expect any one but myself to be responsible for what I say.

4. If people wish to expose their own want of sense, we are not willing to have them; we have no eyes to see it.

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