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Gerome: Introductory and Critical

Gerome: A Collection of the Works of J.L. Gerome in One Hundred Photgravures. Multiple Volumes. New York: Samuel L. Hall, 1881.

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whose works form the material of the present publication, yields to me some interesting and instructive personal souvenirs. He was born, his written memoirs tell me, at Vesoul, in Northeastern France, May 11, 1824. Charles X, in that autumn, succeeded to the throne on the death of Louis XVIII, and commenced his six years' lease. of power, distinguishing himself by the reactionary ordonnances which dissolved the Chambers, changed the rules of election, suspended the liberty of the press, and provoked the revolution of July, and his own downfall. "The century was then twenty-four years of age," remarks Gerome in his own shrewd style. " The traditions of Rome and Sparta were thrown over into the waste-basket, like letters stained with blood. The French people, like a simple bird, sought its repose on the famous Elder Branch, which, six years later, was to break under it. The Son of Saint Louis was already meditating those famous ordonnances which had a success so legitimate and legit'their labor. My father was a goldsmith. He had me educated in the regular way at college, with a good deal of Latin, not a little Greek, and nothing whatever of foreign languages—a thing I have always regretted, misc. I was born," he continues, "Of parents without fortune, living by for the tree of Italian I afterward picked up has helped me enormously in my travels. I attained my baccalaureate at sixteen." The indulgent

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