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The True Messiah; or, The Old and New Testaments, Examined According to the Principles of the Language of Nature

Boston: E.P. Peabody, 1842

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as a hollow cylinder, through which pass emblematic matters. Around this are ranged the different organs of the senses, more or less numerous, more or less developed, according to the subjects, and which, re-viewed in the same way, give a mass of moral hieroglyphics, which it is not in human power to number. And here, also, may be remarked this characteristic difference; that goodness perfects, rather than science, because goodness relates to love, science to truth. Considered as a collection of levers, or of any powers whatever, man still offers an admirable subject of contemplation. The hand is, in itself, a whole apparatus; indeed, every finger is one. These apparatuses are always divided into three distinct levers, for reasons which we shall give when we speak of the hieroglyphic of numbers. The thumb, situated at the root of the hand, is the most considerable force of the same apparatus; and therein it corresponds to the shoulder and the hip, which are similarly situated. By an act of the will, of three levers man makes one. When a force is overcome, it is as if in three successive efforts; first, the hand is exerted, then the elbow, then the shoulder; and man is vanquished. Thus are distributed upon the human form, as upon a scale of proportion, the hieroglyphic points of all the possible varieties of moral powers. From the data that we already have on this subject, we may, one day, perhaps, give the particular correspondence of each finger and each joint.

IV. LIVE ; EAT, DRINK. God is life ; man lives: in other words, with man, life is progressive ; with God, not. Everything in man is done by insensible degrees; the Creator himself cannot invert this or-der: For this reason, the human body increases, and decreases, equally, by accessions and losses, which are remarked only with time. Even love and truth, which are possessed exclusively by God, can be applied to man, only by imperceptible degrees. Hence that admirable economy of the restoration of the degraded human race, accomplished in a proportionate lapse of time; an essential truth, which we must never lose sight of, for an instant, when we wish to judge correctly of the course of God Redeemer. Eating, in the physical man, relates, also, to love, and drinking, to wisdom ; and that, even in their minutest de-tails. This. is true of nourishment, in general, as of clothing, which also recalls love, or charity, by its warmth, and truth, by its colors and forms.

V. ANIMAL KINGDOM; VEGETABLE KINGDOM, MINERAL KINGDOM. All animals, by their, corporeal forms, as well as by their instincts, are hieroglyphics of- the different degradations of human nature, or of detached parts of the collection of organs of life, called man. Examine animal forms geometrically, from man, who represents the perpendicular, to the reptile which forms the horizontal line, and then applying to those forms the rules of the exact sciences, which God himself cannot change, we shall see that visible nature contains them all; that the combinations of the seven primitive forms, are entirely exhausted, and that, therefore, they can represent all possible varieties of morality. Hence the immense chain of moral types, offered by all animals, in their more and more imperfect manners of providing for their frail existence ; types which appear, sometimes, arbitrary, and

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