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The True Messiah; or, The Old and New Testaments, Examined According to the Principles of the Language of Nature

Boston: E.P. Peabody, 1842

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tances as any others. In man, it is the flesh that represents the sub-stance, or the foundation of his being; the various forms of this flesh represent his qualities. And, again, flesh, as substance, relates to love; forms and colors, to truth. Moreover, all possible geometrical forms are moral types; and, considered in their primitive developments, they cannot be more numerous than the primitive variety of colors. The three dimensions, length, breadth, and thickness, consequently, have their fixed significations.; but thickness should be named first, as it relates to substance. These dimensions must make exactly the parallel of the centre, of the right and left, which will be spoken of soon. Just now, we considered men, and animals, as crooked cylinders, or as vases, containing such emblematic matters as may characterize their being. Let the reader now extend this idea to everything that is crooked; he will have, first, the horizon and the cope of the heavens surrounding him, like immense curves, figuring eternity ; he will then have the edifices, made by the hand of man, of all forms and sizes, from the hieroglyphic temple, the abode of- the divinity, or, rather, of Divine Truth, to the smallest vase, to the smallest box. And all the details, considered in their relation to the primitive form, with the universal form, which is man-, supply the type of some moral variety, more or less distant from the first source.

VIII: WALK; Go UP, COME DOWN. The action of walking is the general emblem of life and social relations. In its origin, locomotion, with man, is of a- very simple nature; but, afterwards, he varies it at will ; the: horse; the elephant, the carriage, the vessel, receive him by turns. .He even makes to himself wings, and rises towards the heaven. Hence the innumerable hieroglyphics of life and social relations, all the different varieties of which may be found and appreciated. Human intelligence itself, as an abstract part; putting in motion all that apparatus, is figured by it - in its different developments. And, in that, the degree of elevation of the soil has,. also, its particular signification. To go up, is taken in a good sense, and. recalls an approach to uncreated goodness ; thence the. custom of the' ancients to worship upon moun, tains. To go down, is taken in the opposite sense. These two emblems are - always the complete reverse of each. other, when applied to the vice of pride and the virtue of humility, as, in general, all emblems may be. On the other side, to sit. down: is to cease to act, to be fixed, it is to rest, and even to rest upon ourselves.. To lie down, is to rest upon God, upon the eternal rock. The pagans called the earth - the mother of all nature ; the Christian knows that that mother is no other than He who would not. forsake his. children, even if a nursing mother could forget the child that she had borne beneath her bosom. Hence, then, the innumerable hieroglyphics of the sleep- of night, of awakening, of the succession of. days, and of labors, and even that of bed, which represents faith, and covering, which represents charity.

IX. MIDST. RIGHT, LEFT. ,The midst,. in general, represents perfection, the centre of a whole; and thus, in the first place, the Being of beings, placed entirely out of time and space. The right recalls goodness, power; the left, truth, wisdom.' The same may be said of that hieroglyphic, as of- that 'of substance, form, and color. -That of


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