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The True Messiah; or, The Old and New Testaments, Examined According to the Principles of the Language of Nature

Boston: E.P. Peabody, 1842

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points and directions, which follows, also relates to it, and will explain it entirely, so that we need say no more of it here.

X. POINTS; NUMBERS, ELEMENTS. Placing man at the zenith, he has behind him the east, before him the west, at his right the north, at his left the south. In this state of things, the east represents to him the invisible Creator, the hidden God, whom faith alone can reach. The east, characterized by the march of the sun, the material emblem of the Divinity, also designates an increase in goodness and truth; and, therefore, the west designates an analogous decrease ; as the north re-calls a loss in charity, and the south a progress in truth. Here, the or-der which we are about to remark, in relation to the good and the true, is found reversed," since man has goodness, or Iove, at his left, and truth, or wisdom, at his right. But these things should always be judged, above all, with relation to that God in whose presence man stands. And, moreover, man himself, naturally placed by the Creator, at first, in a state of possible increase, consequently in a state of full and entire moral liberty, ought to make the first use of this noble faculty in seeking his Creator, in turning freely towards Him. Thence a moral signification of all the directions towards the different points of immensity, to which as many points in the human body correspond to characterize them. These points are still more real in the interior nature of our being, than they are in the physical universe. As we have already said, the human soul cannot be considered without that collection of organs called man ; and, therefore, it cannot be conceived of without right, left, and all the other consequent directions. The point, of height are already known to us, as recalling nobility, elevation of soul ; those of depth, as recalling baseness and abjection. Considered in motion, the upward direction represents, also, celestial life; the opposite direction, infernal life. Beings of a superior perfection, when they appear; are seen descending from above ; degraded beings arrive from below, though places, in themselves, are nothing determined, as forms offer only relative sizes. The whole front of man corresponds, also, to kindness, and the whole back, to aversion. The same instinct causes friendship to advance, and horror and disgust to recoil. Even the different forms of the body, among mankind, designate, as they create, the different affections.

The numbers which relate to points, have, also, their fixed significations. But they could not be understood without very extensive and metaphysical considerations. The. analogy, which necessarily exists between this matter and all the rest, must supply the place of proof. Unity relates to God; duality to love and truth. Thus, duality relates to man, who, for this reason, was created male and female ; the husband representing, rather, wisdom, the wife, rather, goodness. Trinity, or the number three, always designates the - perfection of a being; or an object, probably, because of the three distinct relations that the human mind may discover therein. The astonishing properties of the number seven, and of the sabbath of human nature, will be amply discussed in

* If the author here had turned man towards the east, as the angels always place themselves, in the heavens, he would not have found the order of right and left, with regard to good and truth, reversed.—TRANSLATOR.

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