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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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manic people spread over India. From this centre a succession of waves of migration tended toward Europe. The first of these we may designate the Thracian ; the second, the Hellenic ; the third, the Keltic ; the fourth, the Scythian. Probably, however, the first three migrations were only ramifications of the first Asiatic invasion, while the Scythians made an independent invasion from Asia.

The facts here set forth are supplied by the very latest ethnological researches. (See. Jubainville, Les Premiers Habitans de l'Europe, 1877, and Le Hon, L'Homme Fossile, 1877.) It is of interest to us to note that the Hindus are members of the same race, and of the same family of that race, as ourselves. They arc possessed, then, of similar intellectual and moral characteristics. If we style them " heathen " we must remember that they are wise and thoughtful heathens, armed with science and philosophy far above our contempt.

As to the movements of the Aryan family since the Christian era, history is able to speak with a certain sound. No fragment of the family has escaped observation. It would not be possible to conceal itself in the remotest quarters of the world. The color of its skin would betray it. The tint and texture of its hair would reveal it. The very speech of the rudest peasant would proclaim it. The clang and tone of the Greek and the Sanscrit are in the speech of the most ignorant Suabian and the most servile Slay.



We have traced the sons of Noah in all their wanderings over the earth. We have swept over Southern and Eastern Asia. We have pursued the swarms of men across the north and northeast of Africa. We have followed wave after wave over the Caucasus and over the Bosphorus ; and have seen all Europe, save North-ern Russia and Scandinavia, trod by the feet of Asiatic immigrants. "These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations in their nations."

But now we reach an interesting juncture in the progress of

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