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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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our discussion. These Noachites everywhere found older people in possession of the land. Who were they ? In central Asia they bordered on the Mongolians—who were they? On the south of the Hindu-Kush they drove before them, to the confines of the peninsula, the aboriginal Dravidians—who were they? In Greece, the Hamitic Pelasgians drove out the cave-dwelling Cyclopes—who were they? In Italy and Spain the Aryan Ligurians found and expelled the Iberians—who were they ? Everywhere, . Iberians, Ligurians, Achaeans, Ombro-Latins, Kelts and Scythians found a people who dwelt in caves, used stone implements and clothed themselves in the skins of beasts—who were they?

These aborigines were everywhere people whom we cannot trace to the sons of Noah. Between Adam and Noah's flood was an interval of 1656 years. Could these unknown peoples have ramified from the stock of Adam during that interval? Let us look in their faces and see if we can detect any affinity with the recognized sons of Adam.

There first, was the Dravidian race, dispossessed of the penin- sula of India by the eastern branch of the Aryan family. They remain distinct to the present day, and their characteristics agree with the representations which have been made of them from time to time in the progress of history. Their skins are dark; their hair is black and curly ; their lips are intumescent, but their jaws are not prognathous, like those of the Negroes: They still hold possession of a belt along the east coast of Hindustan, and even stretch far into the interior. They also retain a foot-hold upon the west coast, and linger in Beloochistan. The north-ern half of Ceylon is also the seat of a numerous Dravidian population. One of their languages is the Tamul or Tamil, spoken by ten millions of people, and the repository of an ancient literature of surprising richness. These people are not the descendants of Noah, We may assume, however, that they are not so divergent from the types of the Noachian race as to preclude the admission that they may be descended from the same Adam. Let us grant that they may be Adamites.

What shall we say of the Mongoloids? This vast race, forming two-thirds the population of the globe, spreads over all eastern and northern Asia and Arctic Europe. It possesses the Japanese islands, and many other islands of Polynesia. The

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